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Accentdating ru

Bowling Bowling provides a great workout for the body.

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I think we’re both too nervous to actually meet each other. Sometimes life is about what doesn’t happen, instead of what does. I think men on Tinder are Googling my name and are finding my blog and going, “LOL hell no, k byyyeee.” Oh, well.

And now, if he sees this, he’ll probably never want to meet me. I’m exchanging messages with another British dude on Tinder, too.

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And by the way, when I say “a lot” of British men, I mean like 1 out of every 40 guys is British. What’s important right now, and forever, is British men. I’m aware that this could be offensive, because few people really want to be someone else’s fetish. You could take the most unattractive British guy and bam!

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