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There was a public house nearby called the Cob Tree Inn, which has now reverted to a private house.

There are still a number of cob trees in and around the village, but the work of pruning them and picking the nuts is labour-intensive, and the industry has fallen into decline.

Ightham is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, but place-name evidence implies the name is derived from the Saxon 'Ehtaham'.

'Ehta' is a Jutish personal name, while 'ham' means settlement.

raise important questions of the consistency of editorial policies, and of the exhaustiveness and accuracy of dictionary material.

The issue has thus been addressed in several major studies as well as in hundreds of papers tracing individual words, some of which are by-products of historical or linguistic research.

We have been the hostess club for three Zone Meetings: Zone II in 1968; Zone I in 1978; and Zone I in 1997. During WWI we sponsored a Red Cross ambulance, and our "Land Girls" planted vegetable gardens where flowers once grew, canning and preserving the harvest.

Later, in tune with the growing awareness of conservation and the environment, the LGC sponsored the Pleasant Valley Bird Sanctuary; seconded the purchase of Bartholomew's Cobble (winning the Founder's Fund Award); and was first to sponsor the Berkshire Garden Center (now the Berkshire Botanical Garden).

We have planted and tended approximately 55 memorial lilacs of many varieties, which we believe to be the largest collection of lilacs in western The annual Garden and House Tour, "Hidden Treasures of the Berkshires," continues to be a highly successful fundraiser.

At the 2001 UK census, the Ightham electoral ward had a population of 1,940.

The ethnicity was 99.1% White, 0% Mixed Race, 0.6% Asian, 0.3% Black and 0% Other.

by Ray Corsinifractional antedating goal response (rg-sg, ro, or FAGR) (C. Hull) That portion of the goal response that can readily come forward in a behavior chain because of conditioning.

An expectancy or anticipatory response that could be a verbal response in humans.


Historical dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary provide citations meant to show the evolution of every word, beginning with the earliest known usage.

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