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booklet led to the creation of 30 educational public service announcements (PSAs), each depicting one of the human rights laid out in the Universal Declaration.

The award-winning “30 Rights, 30 Ads” PSAs, available in 17 languages, have aired in more than 100 countries on CNN International, Sky News and National Geographic Channel.

ETSI standards and ITU-T's TTCN-3 Recommendations are available for free of charge to "The standardized testing language has the look and feel of a regular programming language but without the complexity that such languages often introduce, as it concentrates exclusively on testing.

There are many tutorial and courses to learn TTCN-3, as well as a certification program.

See available libraries at Any further test ports, protocol modules or generic, non-domain specific libraries, developed by contributors wil be part of this project, as they are technically closely related to the tool (due to using the test port API and message/signal encoding control of Titan)., thus providing a complete model-based-design AND model-based-testing environment, testing efficiency can be increased: test cases are generated instead of manual development, and the same environment can be used starting from the requirements engineering phase of system design up to testing of the system's functionality.Sharing of libraries and frameworks developed by (Titan) users and contributors is important to the success of the test system, but due to their domain-specific nature they should not be part of this project but should create other projects, related to this TTCN-3, ASN.1 and the Titan runtime configuration file.Like creating and configuring Titan projects, syntax highlighting, name convention checking, jump to definition, on-the-fly syntax and semantic analysis, simple content assist, outline of the module1 and XSD sources are typically not created by testers, but are coming from specifications.The abstract nature of a TTCN-3 test system makes it possible to adapt a test system to any test environment.This separation significantly reduces the effort required for maintenance allows experts to concentrate on what to test and not on how."TTCN-3 is not designed for developing applications, it is a testing language. in the automotive industry, however our knowledge is limited to test suites available from 3GPP and ETSI.

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