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As the team's season begins, Annie selects brash new recruit Ebby Calvin Laloosh (Tim Robbins), whom she christens "Nuke," to inspire with the religion of baseball.Nuke also receives guidance from veteran player Crash Davis (Kevin Costner), who settles Nuke's erratic pitching and teaches him to follow the catcher's lead.James, however, parries Farnsworth's attempts with ease, robbing and humiliating him.But when James' latest scheme pairs the patsy with the bandit's sweetheart, Cora Lee Collins (Rhonda Fleming), Farnsworth and Cora begin falling in love.

The agents hire Rollie to use his special-effects skills to make the murder look believable.

The locals won't accept this defense, though, and angry Civil War veteran Quincey Whitmore (Jack Palance) rounds up a gang of toughs to track down Chato, who is forced to flee the scene.

But when the posse finds Chato's family and brutalizes them, the escapee decides it's time to stop running and start taking revenge on the lynch mob.

After a daring escape, he begins the trip back home to his lover, Nalinle (Jean Peters), on foot -- but the journey is long and treacherous, and the authorities are closing in.

Joe (Bruce Willis) and Terry (Billy Bob Thornton) have escaped from prison.

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Instead, he builds a horse-drawn cot for him, and they continue together.