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You're dating someone if you know where they grew up, their opinion on Trump, and maybe how close they are with their mom.

No, you aren't in a relationship with them, but you are getting to know them and thus, dating. If your communication nets at zero when you aren't talking logistics for a night together, you're probably not all that interested in being romantic outside of the occasional spoon.

Sullivan adds: "I had a client that I was working with for a while.

Don’t just talk about your work, what you've achieved, and what you have; this isn't a resume.If you're only meeting up once it's dark outside, you're not dating; you're hooking up. If you're having fun, though, keep "hanging."This is textbook old school dating.If it's been more than three dates out in public together, you've been dating this person, for whatever period of time that is.My client got some real-life coaching while being on a date and he didn’t feel awkward." Who to invite "One of the best ways to meet people is by telling your friends that you're looking," Sullivan says.Ask your girl friends (or even your sister if she's fairly close in age) to play matchmaker.

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When you have a group of people who are kind of familiar with each other, or maybe haven't met but know a friend of a friend, you have a far better chance of making a connection.

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