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Samaritans know there are more important things going on in the world than who broke up, who had plastic surgery and who might be pregnant.There is poverty, global warming, HIV/AIDS, cancer, animal welfare, childhood obesity, war and a host of other causes that people are passionate about.A year later, Stone starred in the comedy , surrounds the life of an innocent high school student whose reputation is jeopardized by rumors of promiscuity.Stone's witty and charming performance in the film earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress.

In 2017, Stone won an Academy Award for Best Actress for , about King's 1973 match against former men's champion Bobby Riggs.

It sounds absurd, but that's what "sources" are saying about their meet-up in Cannes last week.

Apparently they met up at a club and her "made a beeline" for her at the party. Now there IS proof that these two at least met — he posted an Instagram pic of them together that night.

Downie backed up these words in deed (he created The Downie Wenjack Fund), and in music, releasing the 2016 concept album Melancholic Chicago-based indie popsters Wild Belle haven't sat idly while natural disasters have impacted much of the United States in recent months.

The band have just released new single "Hurricane" to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the U. Virgin Islands, which were devastated by the effects of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in September.

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Panettiere's 5 foot and her husband-to-be is 6 foot 6, so we're betting she'll have a perfectly normal-sized human being (whatever that is).

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