Spiros christopoulos dating sites

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Spiros christopoulos dating sites

September of 1988, I moved to Athens and I got a new PC, this time with EGA and colour monitor, 640KB RAM and 20MB HDD. While this school does not offer too much, the teachers did. I demand high quality in readable and clean source code and in the binary result, but apparently I was not good in the human language since each of the s gave me 98 and I wrote far more than what asked for, just for fun.They was skilled people with many years of experience. During this years I got my first modem, an Amigo (Hayes compatible) at 1200 BAUDs.Still C isn't well designed, not even for low-level…It has no nested functions, you have to declare your functions when compiler already knows them, you can't even control what names your module exports.

I realised that I could create anything that I could imagine; of course virtual, but without cost and hardware parts.

Of course smallbasic uses multi-segments technique. Another trouble is that the Palm OS has no filesystem (it uses databases), but Smallbasic emulates hierarchical file system over the databases.

Palm OS serial I/O, TCP/UDP sockets and software capabilities - like memopad and pdoc format - are emulated by using file I/O commands.

As for Lattice C was unacceptable slow, and produced worst binary code.

Borland was so good that I had reason to NOT use C...

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It was a kind of university for software engineering at this time. This era internet does not existed, there was several BBSes like Acrobase and War Games.