Twin flame dating website

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Twin flame dating website

Quite simply, if it is not your journey to walk or you do not understand how the Twin energetic dynamics work from a 5D standpoint, your ‘opinion’ is more damaging than helpful.Those who are struggling need to feel safe and supported along their Soul Mate and Twin Flame journey, not be shamed or told they are selfish and have made a mistake by following their soul’s guidance rather than conforming to the ways of a 3D world.The Twin connection is challenging enough without being told by people who have never experienced it that you are a ‘bad person’ for not being able to deny a connection that is INTENDED to be undeniable.These people may appear and even believe themselves to be well meaning but they are really only perpetuating the very same 3D ideals that twins are here to transform.If it were that ‘easy’ to forget and move on we would not be catalyzed into such great change.

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I help women birth their dream relationship with their ultimate partner–aka “Twin Flame”–the Sacred Feminine way.

Don’t waste time beating yourself up for feeling a little lonely, lost, or heart broken…

I will instantly send your Twin Flame Ignition Kit.

It contains: (mp3), a womb clearing meditation (mp3), and several other useful bonuses.

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